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From Blog to Knowledge Base

As a result of no longer having the time to maintain a blog, it was decided to archive the knowledge acquired during the journey of the bell0bytes project into a knowledge base. The pages and articles from the old bell0bytes blog will slowly, but steadily, be made available in the knowledge base.

As a side note, but importantly, the ecological footprint of the new site is much, much lower than the footprint of the previous bell0bytes blog.

Stécker vum Himmel

A beta version of Stécker vum Himmel, a Tetris-clone powered by the bell0bytes game engine, was just released on

Gameplay Features

The Oracle

As long as the oracle is active, the landing position (if left alone) of the currently active Tetronimo is displayed on the board.

Shift / Switch

An unwanted Tetronimo can be switched for the next Tetronimo. This can’t be done twice in a row, though.


Have fun!