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The Centroid of Convex Polygons

While the centroid of a polygon is indeed its center of mass, the mass is uniformly distributed over its entire surface, not only at the vertices. This tutorial explains how to compute the coordinates of the centroid of a convex polygon.
Game Programming

Resolution Independent Rendering

To support multiple resolutions, a technique called "Resolution Independent Rendering", pioneered by Donald Knuth, is implemented using Direct2D and some linear algebra.

Inno Setup - Installing Prerequisites

In this tutorial, an Inno Studio script, written in Pascal, to check for and to install the Visual C++ 2017 Redistributables, if required, is developed and explained.

Inno Setup - Basic Windows Installer

This tutorial covers how to use "Inno Setup" to create professional looking installers for Windows programs.

Stécker vum Himmel

Stécker vum Himmel is a Tetris clone. This tutorial explains how to implement the basic ideas and mechanics of a Tetris game.
Go Primal: Otium

Stécker vum Himmel (Beta Version)

The beta version of "Stécker vum Himmel", a Tetris-clone powered by the bell0bytes game engine, was just released.

Et sic incipit!

The faithful black Eurasian dog was lying on its side, on the grass, at the outskirts of the garden, soothed by the sound of the water slowly flowing down the nearby stream.

Episode I - Rebel Yell - Mara Sara

With the fall of its sister planet, Chau Sara, the inhabitants of Mar Sara were scared to death. And rightly so. Rebel Yell follows the newly elected magistrate of Mar Sara on his mission to bring order and justice to his fellow Mar Sarians.

The Battle of Chau Sara

At Chau Sara, humankind made first contact with two alien races: the Zerg and the Protoss. War was imminent!