Windows Programming

Total 14 Posts
"On the other side of the planet, the game programming community was still chanting "DOS TILL HELL FREEZES OVER!", and I was out in front burning a Windows 3.1 box myself! However, in 1995 hell did start to freeze over ..."

Of Icons and Cursors

Windows allows the storage of custom data alongside the program code, which can then be loaded at runtime by the program itself.

Keyboard and Mouse

This tutorial briefly explains how to read the keyboard and mouse state to handle input data via Windows messages.

Keeping Track of Time

As in reality, keeping track of time is important for games. After discussing a theoretical game loop, this tutorial implements a high-precision timer based on the native Windows QueryPerformanceCounter function.

Handling Important Windows Events

Important Windows events that a window procedure of a real-time game has to handle are covered. This is the fundamental framework for windowed games.

A real-world Windows application

This tutorial teaches how to define and create a window in Windows. Additionally a robust real-time game loop and window procedure are explained in detail.

A Thread-Safe Logger

This tutorial explains how to program a customizable, lightweight and thread-safe event logger in C++.

Hello World!

This first tutorial on Windows programming focuses on the history of 32-bit applications by taking a closer look at the WinMain function.
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