Windows Programming

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"On the other side of the planet, the game programming community was still chanting "DOS TILL HELL FREEZES OVER!", and I was out in front burning a Windows 3.1 box myself! However, in 1995 hell did start to freeze over ..."

Inno Setup - Installing Prerequisites

In this tutorial, an Inno Studio script, written in Pascal, to check for and to install the Visual C++ 2017 Redistributables, if required, is developed and explained.

Inno Setup - Basic Windows Installer

This tutorial covers how to use "Inno Setup" to create professional looking installers for Windows programs.

The Basics of XAudio2

In this tutorial we will learn how to use XAudio2 and the Windows Media Foundation to load both uncompressed and compressed audio files from the hard drive and how to play them back using an event queue.

Raw Data

To facilitate deploying the game, or just working in a team, it would be nice to have a good file system structure in place. This isn't really a tutorial, but rather a reminder to myself. For now, we simply store the raw data files into the My Documents folder.

Marshalling Game Commands

In this brief tutorial we will learn how to use serialization, or marshalling, to store game objects into files on the hard drive and how to restore those objects, using deserialization, or unmarshalling.

Chasing the Mouse

This brief tutorial shows how to handle input from mouse devices. Native Windows functions are used to track the mouse position as well as the state of the mouse buttons.

A Windows-Framework For Games

This summarization concludes the introductory tutorials on Windows programming by giving an instruction on how to use the classes developed so far.
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