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This tag aggregrates all tutorials about the beauty of mathematics!

The Berlekamp - Massey Algorithm

This tutorial introduces linear feedback shift registers (LFSR) and explains the Berlekamp - Massey algorithm to find the shortest LFSR for a given binary output sequence. An implementation of the algorithm in C++ is provided as well.

Galileo versus Newton

The goal of this tutorial is to define and investigate the structure of space-time and the corresponding group of transformations and to analyze the constraints imposed by Galileo's principle of relativity on Newton's equation of motion.

Of Planes and Triangles

This tutorial explains how to describe planes as two-dimensional subspaces of the standard euclidean space, both in parametric and in normal form, as well as how to compute the normal vector of a triangle.

The Centroid of Convex Polygons

While the centroid of a polygon is indeed its center of mass, the mass is uniformly distributed over its entire surface, not only at the vertices. This tutorial explains how to compute the coordinates of the centroid of a convex polygon.

And then, there was sound

This tutorial briefly explains the key physical concepts of sound as well as how to set up a basic sound system for games.


This tutorial covers the important concept of affine linear transformations in Direct2D, namely Translations, Scaling, Rotations and Shearing. We will learn how to apply those transformations to entire render targets, brushes and geometries.

Introduction to Quadratic Forms

This tutorial introduces the quadratic forms associated with symmetric bilinear forms.