Go Primal

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Harness the power of your ancestors.


In "Convict Conditioning 2", Paul Wade describes an easy, yet highly effective training program to strengthen joints, thus overall flexibility and mobility. Since his training routine consists of three main ideas, Wade calls this program the "Trifecta".

Blood of Huitzilopochtli

Can there be a better way to start your day than with a bowl full of blood, harnessing the power of an ancient Aztec God? I guess not, I thus present you this delicious breakfast idea, a bowl of quark with amaranth and blood oranges.

Pan of the Portuguese Shepherd

If you are looking for a hearty meal, perhaps for those evenings after a hard work out, then this pan of the Portuguese shepherd - potatoes mixed with sheep's milk cheese and bell peppers - might just be the right thing for you.

Kartoffelpfanne des portugiesischen Schafhirten

Falls es Ihnen nach einem einfachen jedoch herzhafen Abendessen lüstet, so genießen Sie diese Kartoffelpfanne mit Paprika, Peperoni und Schafskäse.

Blut des Huitzilopochtli

Kann es einen besseren Start in einen neuen Tag geben, als mit einer Schüssel voller Blut um die Macht eines alten aztekischen Gottes anzuzapfen?
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