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This tag aggregates all tutorials on various DirectX topics.

Among Colourful Stars

In this tutorial we will learn how to add colour to each vertex and how to change the shaders to work with colours. Dynamic buffers are introduced to dynamically change buffer contents.

Of Shaders and Triangles

This tutorial is an introduction to shaders and the high level shading language. A vertex and a pixel shader are created and a triangle is drawn to the screen.

Printing text with DirectWrite

Using DirectWrite with Direct2D, fast high-quality, hardware accelerated, text rendering is implemented.

Viewports and Render Targets

This tutorial explains how to set up renders targets and viewpoints in DirectX 11.

The Swap Chain

This tutorial briefly explains how monitors work and the differences between colour modes. Finally, a swap chain with triple buffering is then implemented.

First Contact

In this tutorial Direct3D will finally be initialized and a Direct3D device and its context will be created.


This tutorial gives a brief overview of the different components of DirectX and it briefly explains the basics of the Component Object Model architecture.
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