I made it my mission to show the true beauty of mathematics to teenagers and adults alike, and to rekindle their passion for this fascinating subject.

Unfortunately, the current school curriculae teach mathematics as a dead subject, by giving the impression that mathematics is nothing but formulas to learn by heart. By teaching my students how most mathematical concepts arise naturally - and were discovered and developed by actual people - I help them develop a mindset to be able to master mathematical topics without having to remember a thousand tricks.

Many students who came to me because they were routinely failing their tests and who were lost due to the many different topics to master, who even felt panic when confronted with the easiest mathematical concepts, raised their grades, but more importantly, found their own approach to master those mathematical concepts and to overcome their fears.

The most important thing to do when trying to learn something is to ask questions. So why don't you go ahead and start asking me your questions?

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Scheduling Lessons

Should you decide that I might be of help to you, feel free to schedule regular private lessons - regular training is the key to success, in mathematics as well as in sports. Use the button at the bottom right of this page to open a calendar to easily schedule your lessons.

If possible, schedule your desired lessons about a week ahead, such that I have some time to prepare myself, to be able to actually help you. This is especially true for you undergraduate students.


Payments can be made via PayPal or DigiCash.

Level 30 minutes 60 minutes 90 minutes
High School 15€ 30€ 40€
Undergraduate 30€ 40€ 50€

Further Details

All lessons can be done online, via ToX or Skype, with a Limnu whiteboard. I am also available for private lessons in Lenningen, Luxembourg.


Luxembourgish, German and English