Gilles Bellot

Ech sinn ech an Du bass Du.

I am a mathematician. When not thinking about some mathematical problems, I like to read, to work out, to cook and to play and program computer games. I especially enjoy exploring fantasy worlds and studying their lore: be it while strolling through the gardens of the Shire in the highly developed high fantasy world of Middle-Earth, searching for Elder Scrolls in Tamriel, protecting space hamsters at the Sword Coast, fighting the Burning Legion in Azeroth or hunting Zerg in the Koprulu sector.

Mathematical Research

For my professional work, see my website at TU Dortmund University.

Game Programming Tutorials

Computer games are a perfect way to bring my interests in mathematics, physics, computer science, history and mythology together. As a mathematician, I take great joy in exploring the mathematical and physical theories used in computer games, I thus recently started my journey into game programming and decided to share my discoveries with you.

Code Repository

You can find most of the software that I created in my GitLab repository:



(yek PGP) ue.setyb0lleb@tolleb.sellig --- DI-xoT


Should you find the information on this blog helpful or interesting, feel free to send a small donation via PayPal or visit my Patreon page. After all, as Erdős Pál explained, mathematicians are devices for turning coffee into theorems - and coffee isn't free. However, $6.17$ € are enough to buy my favourite tea.

Can you guess (or continue) the following sequence? Hint: try to visualize the numbers by a geometrical shape.

$1$, $5$, $12$, $22$, $35$, $51$, $70$, $92$, $117$, $145$, $176$, ...

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