Game Programming

Linus Torvalds: "Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program."

Introduction to Game Programming with DirectX

To follow this tutorial, you will need a programming IDE, the DirectX SDK (since Windows 8, the DirectX SDK is included as part of the Windows SDK) and a basic knowledge of C++.

Windows Game Programming Fundamentals

Before learning how to program DirectX games, basic knowledge about Win32 programming must be acquired. In the following tutorials, a first fundamental framework for any Windows-based games is created, featuring a robust game loop with time management. The framework encapsulates all the tedious details about Windows programming, such that later, more advanced tutorials, can simply focus on their core ideas, without having to worry about being bothered by Windows.

DirectX Fundamentals

With all the nasty Windows stuff nicely hidden away, we will learn about Direct3D (we will use Direct3D 11.0, which works on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10) and the High Level Shader Language to draw vertices to the screen. We will also learn how to make Direct2D and DirectWrite co-operate with Direct3D to output text to our game window.


(in alphabetic order)

  • Game Programming Algorithms, by Sanjay Madhav
  • Game Programming Patterns, by Robert Nystrom
  • Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 11, by Frank D. Luna
  • Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN)
  • Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus, by AndrĂ© LaMothe