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  • Koprulu Sector
Bonjwa. Loremaster.

Episode I - Rebel Yell - Mara Sara

With the fall of its sister planet, Chau Sara, the inhabitants of Mar Sara were scared to death. And rightly so. Rebel Yell follows the newly elected magistrate of Mar Sara on his mission to bring order and justice to his fellow Mar Sarians.

The Battle of Chau Sara

At Chau Sara, humankind made first contact with two alien races: the Zerg and the Protoss. War was imminent!

A New Home

The assassination of a prospector's family by a young Ghost named Sarah Kerrigan would forever change the history of the Koprulu Sector. War was imminent.


The fate of the Earth in the 23th century and the story of prisoners sent to their almost certain death in the outer rims of dark space...
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