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Review: Collision Geometry

In this tutorial we will give a mathematically sound review of the concepts and geometrical objects used in previous tutorials to handle collision detetion.

A Basic Particle System

Particle Systems are physics models that model small particles. Long ago those systems have been introduced to game engines and are the foundation of creating a realistic looking environment. They are great to, for example, model explosions, vapor trails and general lights in a game.

Intersection of Line Segments

In this tutorial we improve the collision detection "algorithm" of the previous tutorials by restating the problem as a line or segment intersection problem.

Basic Ad Hoc Collision Response

In this tutorial the equation of reflection off of any hypersurface, i.e. off a line in 2D and off a plane in 3D, is derived from the known observation that the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection.

The Evil Head of Friction

This tutorial introduces the notion of friction. Basically speaking, friction is any force that retards or consumes energy from another system - like Facebook.

The Berlekamp - Massey Algorithm

This tutorial introduces linear feedback shift registers (LFSR) and explains the Berlekamp - Massey algorithm to find the shortest LFSR for a given binary output sequence. An implementation of the algorithm in C++ is provided as well.

Galileo versus Newton

The goal of this tutorial is to define and investigate the structure of space-time and the corresponding group of transformations and to analyze the constraints imposed by Galileo's principle of relativity on Newton's equation of motion.