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The Evil Head of Friction

This tutorial introduces the notion of friction. Basically speaking, friction is any force that retards or consumes energy from another system - like Facebook.

The Berlekamp - Massey Algorithm

This tutorial introduces linear feedback shift registers (LFSR) and explains the Berlekamp - Massey algorithm to find the shortest LFSR for a given binary output sequence. An implementation of the algorithm in C++ is provided as well.

Galileo versus Newton

The goal of this tutorial is to define and investigate the structure of space-time and the corresponding group of transformations and to analyze the constraints imposed by Galileo's principle of relativity on Newton's equation of motion.

Newton's Laws of Motion

All of us are proud of our freedom, yet we are all bound and have our very existence constrained and regulated by three fundamental, yet very simple, laws of physics: Newton's Laws of Motion.

Basic Projectile Motion

A projectile is an object that is launched into motion and then allowed to follow a path determined solely by the influence of gravity. Air resistance and the Earth's rotation are ignored for the moment. Projectile movement is implemented in C++ using symplectic Euler integration.

Two-Dimensional Motion

This tutorial extends our study of kinematics to motion in two dimensions, allowing for a wider range of physical phenomena to be simulated with our symplectic integrator.

One-Dimensional Kinematics

This tutorial introduces one-dimensional kinematics and a symplectic integrator to find the position and velocity of game objects at any moment in time.