bell0bytes is an independent company based in Lenningen, Luxembourg, set on developing games as well as teaching people all over the world how to program their own games, including teaching the necessary mathematical tools in order to do so efficiently.

bell0bytes is also keen about being part of the Fediverse and about promoting ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to mainstream software.

As programming isn't a very active occupation, bell0bytes also provides lifestyle, health and fitness tips (and recipes) taken directly from the primal / paleo / keto - community.


bell0bytes was established in 2002 in Lenningen (Luxembourg) by Gilles Bellot while at an internship at Siemens Luxembourg. The same year, a Media-Access-Control-Address-Localizer was written in PHP and Perl.

In 2003 and 2008, while once again at Siemens Luxembourg, a resource planer was realized in C#.

In 2016, as a research fellow at TU Dortmund University, two larger software projects, MagmaNeighbours and HN++, were initialized and alpha and beta versions of those programs are now up and running.

Since 2016 we have been working on our own engine (bell0engine) as well as writing tutorials on various topics. The first game release was in 2018, when "Stécker vum Himmel", a simple Tetris clone, was released.

In 2019, bell0bytes powered up its first own server, hosting a privacy-focused cloud service, providing file, calendar and contact synchronization, as well as a full collaborative office suite. The server also provides access to the privacy - focused metasearch engine SearX. In addition, an in-home media streaming service was provided.


We do believe that people who are given freedom, both for their ideas and use of their skills, work better and more effective. We don't complicate things that are simple.

Company Data

Gilles Bellot
Duerfstrooss 30
5430 Lenneng